• Hospitality

    A restful night's sleep helps to invigorate your guests for a great day ahead. Our patented 7-step PURE Room process brings real benefits not only to the well-being of your guests, but also to your brand.

  • Workplace

    People spend 90% of their time indoors and so most of the pollutants they are exposed to are indoor air pollutants. As such, a workplace with good indoor air quality has a crucial role in the overall wellness of employees, making them healthier and more productive.

  • Education

    A student's cognitive skills and attention span and a teacher's ability to do their job effectively can be negatively impacted in a classroom that has high levels of indoor pollutants.

  • Fitness Centers

    These are spaces where a large volume of air exchange takes place throughout the day and evening. A poor indoor air environment is a risk to users and the business.